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The RapidMiner R extension allows integration of RapidMiner with the widely used open source statistics package R.

Eight R modelling methods are directly available as RapidMiner operators. RapidMiner ExampleSets can be directly used as input to R operators, and are internally converted to the table representation of R. Furthermore, the user can execute arbitrary R scripts as RapidMiner operators. To save the user from defining frequently used scripts over and over again for each process, they can define such re-usable scripts as custom RapidMiner operators.

For the analysis of bio-data, the R bioconductor packages are particularly relevant. These also operate with this extension, and an example process has been posted to myExperiment.

Intro Video


The extension is available from the RapidMiner update server. Furthermore, more up-to-date development builds are posted on this site.

rapidminer-R Extension-5.1.000.jar2.27 MB