Image Mining Operators

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With this RapidMiner extension, you can use image mining Web services provided by NHRF within RapidMiner.

Using the Image Mining Operators

The image mining plugin contains two classes of operators plus three helper operators:

List Images

Use this operator to specify a list of directories which will be scanned for images. The operator will then create an example set containing example (row) per image and three attributes (columns): "directory" (the directory from which the image was loaded), "file" (the filename of the image) and "id" (a generated id). After that, you can modify this information or filter examples before you proceed with uploading. A typical step would be to use the "directory" attribute as the label.

Upload Images

This operator takes an example set as produced by the "List Images" operator and uploads them to the server. An "image_reference" column is then appended to the example set. This reference can be used in all subsequent operators to reference or download the image.

Image Transformation

This group of operators perform image transformation methods on the server. The image is not downloaded. These operators require an "image_reference" column to exist. It will generate another image_reference column to reference the result.

Feature Extraction

These operators extract features from images, transforming it in to example sets (tables) that can then be further processed by RapidMiner. In principle, a feature extraction method turns each image into a table, but most of the time, this table will have only a single row. Still, this operator generates a collection of tables, which you can merge into one, using the regular "Append" operator.

Visualize Images

If you insert this operator, you will be presented with an image inspection dialog in the result view whenever double-clicking an example in a plot. This dialog will show the different (intermediate) versions of the image generated so far. More precisely, all "image_reference" attributes in the example set will be displayable.

An image mining process in RapidMiner

The image above shows a typical RapidMiner image mining process using the above-mentioned operators.


To install the Image Mining Extension, download the jar file and place it in the lib/plugins directory in your RapidMiner installation directory. Since it is still in the beta stage, it is not yet available from the RapidMiner update server.

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