Community Workflow Sharing Tool

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Using the RapidMiner community extension, you can share your RapidMiner workflows with data mininers all over the word using the portal. On the myExpeiment web site you can discuss data mining processes, exchange workflows, and meet data miners working on similar problems. Based on workflows shared on, we will develop tools to assist you in designing new processes.

Using the Community Extension

To show the myExperiment browser, go to the View menu in RapidMiner and enable the MyExperiment Browser tab. I recommend to minimize the tab and open it whenever you need it. You can immediately start browsing the workflow repository, but in order to upload workflows, you need to make an account on

Browsing and Opening Workflows

Within RapidMiner, you can open all public RapidMiner workflows. You can recognize the RapidMiner workflows by looking at the "Workflow Type" entry on the upper right corner. To browse the workflow on the Web, click the "Browse" button to open a Web browser showing the respective site.


Browsing and downloading workflows on

Sharing and Uploading your Workflows

To upload your current RapidMiner process to, click on upload and fill in the following dialog:

Uploading a workflow to

The description is automatically extracted from the process comment if it exists. Make sure to set the sharing permissions such that people can actually see your workflow.


To install the Community Extension, download the jar file and place it in the lib/plugins directory in your RapidMiner installation directory. Alternatively, and much easier, use the RapidMiner update mechanism by choosing "Update RapidMiner" in the Help menu.

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