Domain Ontologies

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The e-LICO team is developing two domain ontologies corresponding to the two pilot application areas of the project:

Kidney and Urinary Pathway Ontology (KUPO)

The Kidney and Urinary Pathway Ontology (KUPO) is a joint collaborative effort of the e-LICO project and COST Action EuroKUP. Participants in EuroKUP contribute domain knowledge while e-LICO members provide the ontology engineering support.


Digital Multimedia Repositories Ontology (DMRO)

The Digital Multimedia Repositories Ontology (DMRO) focus is to be on the applications in recommender systems, personalization, and adaptive faceted browsers of digital resources. Being oriented towards the abovementioned applications, the ontology being built will be an application domain ontology. Thus, we envisage re-using terms from relevant domain ontologies, and vocabularies (such as Dublin Core, FOAF) that cover the domain of DMR ontology .